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Frequently Asked Questions


1 -  How much will it cost to have a security system installed in my home ?

2 -  Is it true that having a security system installed will result in discounted insurance premiums?

3 -  Can I have my alarm on at night when I'm in the house ?

4 -  What if I have animals ?

5 -  Should I have my windows and doors alarmed or just install motion detectors ?

6 -  What happens if I set off the security system ?

7 -  How much does monitoring cost ?

8 -  Can I really get phone service from your company ?

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A: The average 12 to 2300 square foot house will cost about $800 to $1,200 for a security system installed.





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A: Most insurance companies will adjust your homeowner's policy rate two to three percent for a monitored burglary protection system and ten to fifteen percent for a monitored fire detection system.  To know what your reduction will be just call your agent and ask.




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A: Yes.  The alarm system is at its most valuable when you and your family are home.   You should get into the habit of arming the security system at night and any other time you want protection from intruders.




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A: We have devices that will proved protection even when animals are in the home.




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A:  Yes.  The doors and windows are the first line of defense against intruders and form a "Perimeter Protection" from the outside world.  Motion detectors are also an important part of your security system.  People have been known to use other means of entry than the doors and windows.  This is where the motion detector comes into play.  The motion detector will detect movement inside the interior of your home or business.





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A:  We tell our customers to turn off the alarm and answer the phone when we call.  If you set off your security system, a signal is sent to our office.  We will be calling to determine if this alarm is real or a customer error.  We will ask for your password that you gave us.




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A:  Our trained staff will monitor your home round the clock for twenty dollars per month.  This works out to about 66 cents a day (that's less than a cup of coffee). 




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A: Yes.  We can now give you phone service over the internet for just $19.95 per month.  For $19.95 per month you will receive up to three numbers on your account.  If you already have phone service with another company and want to keep your existing number, you can have the number ported to our service without any interruption in service.  Start saving today and contact us for your phone service.



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